About My Services

I have experience working with women throughout their pregnancy as a birth doula, massage therapist, and a childbirth educator. You get the whole package: The support, education, and resources throughout your pregnancy, I will provide you and your partner emotional and physical support throughout the duration of your labor, you’ll have a Certified Massage Therapist at your birth, and I can help you initiate breastfeeding within the first hour your baby is born if that is what you desire.

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Would you like to meet in person and discuss how my services can helpful to you and your family? Please call or email me (Cara@CaraMehlon.com) to schedule a consultation.

I look forward to meeting you.

Birth Doula Services

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Before your baby is born, we will schedule two meetings so we can get to know one another, discuss your hopes and goals for your birth and cover any questions you may have. At this point we can also discuss any classes you may be interested in. When you are in labor (or think you might be), you call me as soon as you believe you need hands on support, and I’ll stay until shortly after we meet your new baby. I’ll come back to visit you again a few days later for a postpartum visit in your home to chat about your birthing experience, and help out any way that I can. You are of course welcome to call or email me with any questions at any point along the way.

Prenatal Massage Services

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I prefer my clients take advantage of scheduling a prenatal massage with me before their birthing time. This prenatal massage will be similar to what you will receive during labor. This allows us to become accustomed to working together, helps me get an idea of what your comfort level and rhythm may be during labor, and gives me an opportunity to learn what may relax you most. Plus, my clients love it!

I also offer a monthly massage option if you would prefer a regular massage throughout your pregnancy. This often makes a lovely gift as well.

Conveniently located at Sacred Spines Chiropractic, Indianapolis, IN



My fee includes 2 prenatal meetings,  labor/birth attendance, and a postpartum visit within the first 2 weeks. I am currently accepting a limited number of birth doula clients. If you are interested in hiring me as your birth doula please contact me with your estimated due date and intended place of birth. Please fill out the client form and it will be sent to me right away.

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Our meetings are always casual and relaxed. I look forward to meeting you!